23 Sep 2019

Whistle-Blowing Hotline launched

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The Tennis Anti-Doping Programme (TADP) has launched two methods by which whistle-blowers can provide information about doping concerns. These aim to allow people with information to come forward and share those concerns with the anti-doping authorities, and to complement the confidential TADP email address (anti-doping@itftennis.com).

These methods – a telephone hotline and a web reporting form – aims to give players and others involved in the game the opportunity to share information that they believe may be relevant to the enforcement of the anti-doping rules. All information provided will be assessed and followed up accordingly.

Telephone hotline

The number for the telephone hotline is +44 208 392 4614. It is available 24 hours per day and is not manned. Callers are asked to leave a message with their information, which is sent to the TADP staff.

Web reporting form
Alternatively, information can be provided in writing using the web reporting form located on the TADP website. The web page can be found here.

All reporting of anti-doping information can be provided anonymously. That is, it is not obligatory to include your name when reporting, although that information would be helpful.